Why Tomberlin LSV are America’s Favorite Low Speed Vehicle


The Tomberlin E-Merge series of personal electric vehicles has become one of the most popular personal EVs on the market and for good reasons. Providing an unmatched value throughout the entire vehicle. From safety, range efficiency, and gorgeous interior options there is a Tomberlin E-Merge for you. Tomberlin offers a wide variety of ways to truly make the Tomberlin E-Merge one of a kind.

America’s Favorite LSV ( Low Speed Vehicle )

“We Go Further.” is a tagline with a great promise. Most personal EV’s on the market convert a golf cart into a street-legal PTV. At the same time, Tomberlin has designed a whole new vehicle for this specific purpose. A smooth and comfortable ride into town while being safe in the automative grade frame and chassis made of 2-inch tubing all the way thru-out. 

Since the first Tomberlin® street-legal, Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) was built, they remained committed to designing vehicles with an emphasis on safety, performance, and styling while challenging the traditional conventions of what is expected in a Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV).

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