2024 Tomberlin E-Merge SS Coupe 4 Passenger Street Legal LSV Golf Cart

🇺🇸American-made with American craftsmanship and parts to deliver what we at Orange County Monster Carts consider what makes America great. 🚙✨From performance and comfort to safety and reliability, Tomberlin does not take a single shortcut or opt to use lesser parts to save money. They believe in providing a far superior vehicle for a fair price! This E-Merge SS Coupe 4 passenger is currently available for an incredibly low price with a warranty, street-legal and street-safe LSV package, and so much more you must drive to experience. You won’t regret it. 🏖️🌴

✅  LSV Street Legal Vehicle Class
(This is not just some paperwork and a VIN; the BEST IN CLASS ONROAD Safety features are integrated.)

✅ 4 Passenger premium diamond-stitched seating with DOT Approved 3-Point seatbelts
(Mounted to a 2-inch tubed structure frame mounted)

✅ Premium Bespoke overhead Bluetooth Audio System
(Only Available on Tomberlin Vehicles*)

✅ 7-inch LCD Instrument Display
(Tomberlin Exclusive UI & UX Design*)

✅ Electric Power-Steering
(Only Available on Tomberlin Vehicles*)

✅ Integrated Backup Camera with rear spotlights
(Only Available on Tomberlin Vehicles*)

✅ Bespoke Illuminated Logo accents in roof audio and side mirrors
(Only Available on Tomberlin Vehicles*)

✅ LED Headlight, Taillights, and Turnsignals,
(with turn signals also integrated into the side mirrors to be more visible to full-size traffic sharing the road with*)

✅ AS1 DOT Approved windshield with electric windshield wiper integrated

✅ 4-wheel hydraulic braking

✅ Bespoke Body designed and made in America

✅ Evolve High-Performance lithium power

✅ Vehicle and Battery Warranties

✅ Best-in-class resale value

✅ Priced to Sale So low we can’t display!

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