18×9.5-8 2 Ply Duro Knobby Tire

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22×11-8 2 Ply Duro Desert Tire

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18×9.5-8 2 Ply Duro Knobby Tire Golf Cart Tire Description:

Orders for tires and wheels that are to be assembled, must be added to the cart tire first then the wheel on which the tire should be mounted.
Example –
An order of four (4) TIR-217 mounted on TIR-400 and eight (8) TIR-217 mounted on TIR-RX190 would be entered as follows:

• Qty 4 – TIR-217
• Qty 4 – TIR-400
• Qty 8 – TIR-217
• Qty 8 – TIR-RX190

Any deviation from this format may result in the incorrect assembly of tires and wheels in addition to possible order processing delays.

18×9.5-8 2 Ply Duro Knobby Tire Cross Reference Information

;; 40338
For Golf Carts and Personal Vehicle Applications

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