Introducing the Special Edition Tomberlin E-Merge Beachcomber 4+2 LSV Custom

The new 2023 E-Merge 4+2 has a new special edition The Beachcomber comes with a custom interior and exterior finish. Available in all new colors like Ultramarine, Banana, and Flamingo, the Beachcomber standouts from the factory as a true custom with numerous new features you’ll enjoy every time your get into your new Tomberlin E-Merge Beachcomber 4+2.

• 3 Signature Custom Colors: Ultramarine, Banana, and Flamingo
• Evolve 210a Lithium Battery Package
• 6-inch Lifted Suspension Package
• Custom 14-inch Wheels and 23-inch Tires
• Exclusive Luxury Embroidered Beachcomber CoolTouch Seats
• Custom Teak-Styled Floor Mats
• Complimenting XL Rear-Facing Seat
• Tomberlin Headliner / Sound System
• Offered in an E2+2 and E4+2 Configuration

America’s Favorite LSV ( Low Speed Vehicle )

“We Go Further.” is a tagline with a great promise. Most personal EV’s on the market convert a golf cart into a street-legal PTV. At the same time, Tomberlin has designed a whole new vehicle for this specific purpose. A smooth and comfortable ride into town while being safe in the automative grade frame and chassis made of 2-inch tubing all the way thru-out. 

Since the first Tomberlin® street-legal, Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) was built, they remained committed to designing vehicles with an emphasis on safety, performance, and styling while challenging the traditional conventions of what is expected in a Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV).

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