Annual Maintaince 

Services, Tune-Ups, Regularly Scheduled Maintenance. Applies to all LSV, NEV, and most other Personal Vehicle

Annual Full Services & Details, $425.00 + parts

  • Computer Diagnosis – check for error codes.
  • Check Battery – fill water levels, check age and test if needed.
  • Change differential fluid.
  • Rotate Tires – check tread depth and wear check tire pressure.
  • Front end alignment.
  • Inspect all wires for corrosion and connectivity.
  • Clean and lubricate pedal control area.
  • Check and tighten all bolts to factory specs.
  • Check Brakes – clean and adjust brakes if applicable.
  • Suspension – inspect shocks and springs & all bushings.
  • Test drive – address squeaks, rattles, and abnormalities.
  • Clean and detail vehicle.

(Golf Cart Washes & Detailing only able for in-shop services.)

Gas Golf Cart Services


Engine Inspection

Our experienced technicians will inspect the engine for any oil leaks or issues that may be causing less than excellent performance.

Oil Change

If your golf cart requires an oil change will replace it with the proper oil and amount needed.


Belt Inspections

Inspecting all belts and tensioners, replacing the belts need, and adjusting tensioners if required.


Valve Inspection

Checking and adjusting clearance on motor valves can often improve performance. 


Pedal Linkage Inspection

Making sure the pedals and linkage are working properply can often prevent sudden damage in the future. 


Filter Replacement

Check fuel, oil, and air filter, and replacing them can maintain proper fuel efficiency and performance.


Brake & Tires Inspection

Inspecting the brake to ensure everything is working properly and replace parts if needed.


Starter/Generator Inspection

Inspecting for brush wear, and replace conponants if needed.

Electric Golf Cart Services


Battery Watering

Testing water levels and adjusting back to proper operating conditions for the batteries.


Neutralizing & Cleaning Battery Acid

Battery Cleaning and Neutralizing harmful build from the batteries.


Battery Replacement


Valve Inspection



Our service department is well equipped to repair your vehicle by qualified, experienced, and certified technicians. Our Mobile Service Vehicles are capable of repairing your vehicle on-site, allowing for quick and efficient repairs with less downtime. Although we encourage On-Site repairs, we will pick-up, service, and deliver your vehicle for your convenience.
With the most extensive service shop in Orange County, Orange County Monster Cart empowers our design team, paint shop, metal fabricators, upholsters, parts and service departments to provide our customers exceptional service, while keeping costs at a minimum. By completing all work on-site enables us to be competitive in the market without compromising quality.


Orange County Monster Cart offers a Preventative Maintenance Program that is designed to schedule your service appointments ahead of time, and in line with the recommended factory service guidelines, to better maintain your equipment. Because our Mobile Service Vehicles are stocked with many of the parts needed to repair your vehicle at your business or home, we can get in and get out quickly and efficiently. Our trained technicians are able to solve most repair problems and are in radio contact with shop supervisory personnel when additional assistance is needed.

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