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Orange County Monster Carts carries a wide selection of wheels, below you’ll find some great information on how to choose your golf cart wheel upgrade. 

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Golf Cart Wheels Purchasing Information

Golf cart wheels can be a confusing product to shop for – with so many variations and styles to choose from, how do you figure out what’s right for you? Here are some general guidelines to help you understand the terminology of golf cart wheels.

Golf Cart Wheel Sizes

Orange County Monster Carts carry wheels in 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″, and 15″ diameters (distance between the edge of the wheel and the direct opposite side of the wheel). 

Golf Cart Wheel Offset

The offset of a wheel refers to the distance from the center of the wheel to the hub mounting surface. Centered wheels areas it sounds like a wheel with the hub mounting surface centered within the wheel as shown in the diagram below.

A positive offset means the mounting surface of the wheel is positively offset away from the center of the vehicle. Bringing the overall wheel and tire assembly in tucking under the fender well. A negative offset means the tire and wheel assembly is situated further inner ward from the center.

All lifted golf carts require negative offset wheels. All golf cart wheels designed for off-roading have a negative offset. This allows larger tires and wheels to fit under lift kits and widens the base of the golf cart for more stability.

What Fits My Golf Cart?

Most stock golf carts original equipment is a 8 inch wheel and 18×8.5-8 tire. If you require a replacement wheel or would like to upgrade to your perferred style but remain within the same size, then check our 8 inch golf cart wheels.

If your looking for a wheel and tire combination over 18″ the vehicle should be lifted to properly fit. Lifted carts will have wheels with a negative offset for handling and control. Wheels and tire will usually stick out from the wheel well. To prevent dirt, mud, and other road debries from being tossed up, we recommend installing some custom fender flares.

Golf Cart Lug Nuts & Spacers

A standard golf car lug nut thread is (1/2″ x 20) and metric thread (12mm x 1.25). Yamaha golf carts use the metric thread lug nut. We do also carry a colorful selection of lug in all your favorite finishes.

Some aftermarket lift kits may widen the front wheel base of the golf cart. Spacers can used in the rear to help match the front wheel base. We carry wheels spaces in 1″,2″, and 3″.

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